Snorkeling Gear

Snorkel Equipment

Snorkeling Gear: What You Should Know

One of the best things about snorkeling is how little equipment you actually need.  You'll only need a properly fitting mask, a snorkel, and a comfortable set of fins.  Optional gear include an disposable underwater camera, a thin wetsuit, and flotation gear depending on your needs.

The Essentials:

Snorkeling Masks - Your window to Hawaii's underwater paradise.

Snorkels - It must be important if they named the activity after it.

Snorkeling Fins - Make it easy on yourself, swim efficiently.

Sunscreen - You want to enjoy your whole vacation right?

Should I Buy or Rent My Snorkeling Gear? - Find out what's best for you.

Snorkel Wisely
I know… I know… but it has to be said. The Hawaii snorkeling information contained within these pages is meant only as a general guide as to what to expect when visiting the Hawaiian Islands. As beautiful and mild as Hawaii usually is, weather is always unpredictable. Know your swimming ability. Be prudent and take into consideration the weather and environmental conditions when planning your beach activities. Obey warning signs, they are there to protect you. “Those waves don’t look that bad” are famous last words. I want you to enjoy all that our beautiful islands have to offer. Just use common sense, ok.

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