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Riding a 'torpedo' off the Kona Coast
Riding a 'torpedo' underwater scooter off the Kona Coast



I'm Grant Kailikea and I'm excited to introduce you to one of my greatest passions...

Hawaii's ocean.

Being born and raised here in Hawaii, I have been blessed to swim, fish, and dive these waters all my life. I thought that as you plan your Hawaii vacation, you'd like the real scoop about snorkeling in Hawaii from someone who lives and breathes it.

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Getting ready to go diving.

Now where did I put those fins?



You see, to a Hawaiian, the ocean is more than just recreation. The ocean touches everything in our life. It's our sustenance, our security, our life blood. Our relationship with the ocean defines and connects us. Take my own family for instance...

In their younger days, as with most Hawaiians, my father and grandfather loved to skin dive and spearfish. In fact, they had such a passion for it, not only did they dive here at home in Hawaii, but also many of the islands in the South Pacific. I always love looking at their old black and white photographs of their adventures. Growing up in my family, it's no wonder I have developed such a deep attachment to the ocean. Some of my friends even joke that I'm a fish... I try not to take offense. *grin*

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Making a new friend!




My goal with this website is to empower you with accurate Hawaii snorkeling knowledge so you can make intelligent travel plans and experience the beauty of Hawaii's ocean as I have.

With few exceptions, all the pictures on this website were taken by me. I'm, by far, not a professional photographer, just someone who enjoys the ocean and wants to share it.

I hope my love for Hawaii's ocean shows in these pages and my experiences are useful in planning your trip to the islands.

Much Aloha,



Snorkel Wisely
I know… I know… but it has to be said. The Hawaii snorkeling information contained within these pages is meant only as a general guide as to what to expect when visiting the Hawaiian Islands. As beautiful and mild as Hawaii usually is, weather is always unpredictable. Know your swimming ability. Be prudent and take into consideration the weather and environmental conditions when planning your beach activities. Obey warning signs, they are there to protect you. “Those waves don’t look that bad” are famous last words. I want you to enjoy all that our beautiful islands have to offer. Just use common sense, ok.

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